Loch Fyne from Crarae Gardens near Minard
Loch Fyne from Crarae Gardens near Minard
West Loch Fyne Community Council
West Loch Fyne Community Council

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There will be Community Council Elections on the 20th of October2022.

 We are allowed 8 councillors from Minard and Lochgair, at the moment we have 5. At least two people are stepping down from the council so it is very important that people with an interest in their community stand for election. 


 There is a need for Community Councilors as a bridge between Argyll and Bute Council and West Lochfyne communities. It is also necessary for the public to have someone to go to if a problem should arise in their areas.


 If you require a nomination pack these can be found though links HERE on Argyll and Bute Council web site or get in touch with Fred Bruce, Convener, if you would like more information. You can apply for these up until the 8th of September.


Please note: The guidance notes in the nomination pack make reference to the possibility that your proposer and seconder may need to email separately to confirm that they support your nomination where it is not possible to have wet signatures on nomination forms returned by email.  


Please download for full information
Children's Hearings Scotland are looking for a volunteer Area Convener to provider local leadership for their Area Support Team in Argyll and Bute. At Children’s Hearings Scotland they recruit, train and support empathetic and committed volunteers. The 2,500 volunteer Panel Members take part in children’s hearings, making decisions with and for infants, children and young people. The network of 22 Area Support Teams provide support to Panel Members locally.
2022 Argyll and Bute Area Convener.docx
Microsoft Word document [31.5 KB]

A reminder that fire safety regulations are changing, please check the following link to ensure your home complies by February 2022. Please click here or scroll down to the Neighbourhood watch past below for a summary => HOME FIRE SAFETY

The Herbert Protocol?

The protocol is a form which family members or carers complete for a person living with dementia or at risk of going missing. The form is available to download from Police Scotland’s website

It provides personal details, medical history, significant locations and information about previous incidents of going missing.

Police Scotland is immediately introducing a simple officer verification process to provide reassurance to any member of the public who may be concerned about whether or not they are being spoken to by a genuine police officer working alone.

The move follows the understandable public concern surrounding the horrendous murder of Sarah Everard

On duty officers operating on their own will now proactively offer to carry out a verification check for anyone they come across who appears to be concerned for their safety. A member of the public can also request that a verification check be done.

Full message and information on how it will work can be found by clicking HERE


Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has sent a reminder to householders:


The law on fire alarms is changing. By February 2022, all homes in Scotland will be required to have interlinked fire alarms, meaning if one alarm goes off, they all go off. This will alert you to danger more quickly, no matter where you are in your home.

The new legislation requires all homes to have: 
• One smoke alarm installed in the room most frequently used for general daytime living purposes 
• One smoke alarm in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings 
• One heat alarm installed in the kitchen


All alarms should be ceiling mounted and interlinked 

• Where there is a carbon-fuelled appliance, such as a boiler, fire (including open fires) and heater, a carbon monoxide detector is also required. This does not need to be linked to the fire alarms. The


The homeowner is responsible for making sure their home meets the the new fire alarms standard, and for finding a contractor to carry out the work. When purchasing an alarm, choose a reputable brand and make sure the packaging clearly displays compliance with BS EN14604:2005 for smoke alarms. Carbon monoxide alarms should have the British Kitemark (EN 50291-1). Heat alarms should comply with BS 5446-2:2003. To find out more about the new legislation and the support available, visit: mygov.scot/firealarms

A reminder from Argyll and Bute Council regarding Energy Efficient Scotland - a grant based scheme for improving home insulation, if you meet the eligibility criteria please make contact to discuss.

Body Worn Cameras - Police Scotland
Please click the file to download (PDF) and follow the links to the public consultation
20210614 - All stakeholders - Letter BWV[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [309.0 KB]

MINARD COMMUNITY TRUST NOTICEBOARD is a group on Facebook for residents of / or local suppliers to our local community.

Thank you for the feedback that you have shared with us on the Access to Argyll and Bute (A83) route corridor options in response to our public consultation held in Autumn 2020. We have reviewed all of the feedback received and have published The Access to Argyll and Bute (A83) Consultation Report, summarising what respondents said, on our website. The report can be found on our website here.

We had over 650 responses to the consultation and we have really valued the local information, comments and suggestions made on the 11 route corridor options being considered. All the feedback received was analysed and was shared with the project team to help inform assessment of the route corridor options. We have published information that summarises our assessments of each of the route corridor options on our website; click here for more details

Following the recent announcement  see here from the Cabinet Secretary you may be aware that Route Corridor 1 (through Glen Croe) has been recommended as the preferred route corridor.

Details of five possible route options through the preferred route corridor have also been announced. These have been developed from further assessment undertaken by the project team. These possible route options have each been designated a colour - brown, yellow, green, purple and pink.

More information on these possible route options and a feedback form can be found here. We would be grateful if any initial comments that you may have on these possible route options be included in the feedback form and returned to us on or before Friday 28 May 2021.

To keep the public updated on the project as it progresses, our Access to Argyll and Bute (A83) storymap, here has more details of the work that has been going on behind the scenes so far. We will be updating this as the project progresses so please do revisit it to learn more.

We look forward to your ongoing feedback on this project and there will be further opportunities to share your views with us in the future.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us to share your views, in the first instance please email us at A83@jacobs.com. Alternatively, you can call our stakeholder team on 07999 948 736 Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm.

We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Jo Blewett

Suspicious Vehicles - Lookout Requested

The following message has been circulated on behalf of Police Scotland National Rural Crime Unit
A silver Vauxhall Insignia VFZ 6258 and pick up type vehicle have recently been seen in the Oban area with male occupants offering Tarmac and Planing work

Anyone seeing these vehicles, persons or with information regarding them are asked to contact Police immediately on 101 or 999 if urgent.g message has been circulated on behalf of Police Scotland National Rural Crime Unit
A silver Vauxhall Insignia VFZ 6258 and pick up type vehicle have recently been seen in the Oban area with male occupants offering Tarmac and Planing work

Anyone seeing these vehicles, persons or with information regarding them are asked to contact Police immediately on 101 or 999 if urgent.


PLEASE NOTE : Another similar vehicles were in the Ford/Kilmartin area looking for red diesel. Please keep an eye out and make sure tempting vehicles/equiptment are locked up or put out of sight. Report anything suspicious.

The following is being circulated on behalf of Police Scotland, Dunoon

Argyll and Bute – Financial Harm  - Bogus Workers

There were 2 separate incidents in Cardross, Dumbarton between 22-24th January 2021 involving possible bogus workmen.
The first incident involved 2 males described as white with Irish accents, attended at the home address of an elderly female. They stated they had arranged the appointment in advance (which they had not) and insisted they were there to clean moss from the roof.
They are believed to be driving a blue/grey vehicle and made off when challenged by the householder.
The second incident involved 2 males wearing high visibility jackets who were driving a silver van with ladders on the top who were seen to stop at a number of properties of elderly residents offering various roofing works. There were 3 others in the rear cab of the van.
All persons made off when challenged by residents.
Please be vigilant and look out for the elderly or vulnerable neighbours of family.
If you have any information please either contact Crimestoppers Anonymously on 0800555111, Police Scotland on 101 or email Laura.evans@scotland.pnn.police.uk, Dunoon Police Station

Argyll and Bute – Financial Harm  - Romance Fraud

A vulnerable female from Campbeltown has fallen victim of a romance fraud after speaking with a male online through a site similar to “Pen Pals with Military Service Personnel”. This is a common type of fraud targeting mainly elderly or vulnerable females.
This incident is similar to others we have seen where a photograph is shared of a male wearing military uniform and the suspect will state that he is serving with the military abroad. They will then ask for money to be sent, either so he can come back and visit or for them to purchase items abroad. The photographs are normally copied from other sites.

 Email tracking gif


The following information is being circulated on behalf of Police Scotland

Following the break in at Laggan Wolf Trax and The Wee Bike Hub , Laggan and the theft of 12 Mountain Bikes over the weekend, Police Scotland are offering the following advice to Bike owners.  See image below and attached.

Make sure you take a note of all your bike details, including the frame and serial number (usually found under the bottom bracket).  This way, if your bike is stolen or stripped, you can pass details to the Police to help them find your bike or parts, and help catch those responsible.

You can register your bike details free online at www.bikeregister.com

If you have any information regarding the above thefts please contact Police Scotland at Aviemore on 101 quoting reference number NM/98/21

Thank you



Theft of 12 MTB.png - 149.9 KB

Email tracking gif

New Lockdown Legislation and Guidance

As we enter a new term of lockdown restrictions with the authorities clamping down on the movements of people. I would urge all of our residents to make full use of the door to door delivery services that are available in our areas.
The following ; Aray Fish, David Murray Fish, Marmalade Deli, Dannys Ironmongers, Ferguson Butchers, Co-Op, and Furnace Stores have all stepped up to the mark, and we are thankful for all the assistance they have given us over the past year.
Lochgair Association and Minard Community Trust are doing a first class job of keeping in touch with vulnerable people in the community.
Until the vaccine is rolled out we must do all we can to keep our communities safe.
If anyone has any concerns or any needs which they feel are not being addressed do not hesitate to contact any of your community councillors, they will do all they can to help.
Fred Bruce


Poster describing the EU Citizen Settlement Status
If you havent already done so EU citizens in our community are strongly advised to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme as soon as possible if they want to stay in Argyll beyond the UK government’s deadline of 30th June 2021.

While the official deadline is 30th June 2021 the situation is not straightforward a) in the event of a No Deal and b) as far as an applicant’s continuing rights to benefits, housing and other services after 31st Dec 2020 is concerned. For this reason Citizens Advice Scotland is strongly urging EU citizens to make their application before 31st Dec 2020 or get in touch with Citizens Advice Scotland directly for advice on how to do it.
EU Poster A4.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [335.5 KB]

A83 Upgrade Consultation - your feedback by the end of this week (30th OCtober)

Our Convener Fred Bruce met with Rhoda Grant MSP for the Highlands and Islands along with many other Community Council personnel from all over Argyll.


This meeting was to discuss the eleven options put forward by the Scottish Government with regard to the problems of landslip at the A83 Rest and be Thankful


Anyone who has had a look at these options will have their own opinions as to how viable; practical, financially and environmentally sound some of these options are.


The consensus of opinion TODAY was the preferred option being option one, which would focus on a solution being found within the Glen Croe corridor (Rest and be Thankful).


It was stressed by Ms Grant that the communities in this area must make their views known. I would therefore encourage as many of you as possible to make their views known on the Scottish Govt website.


It is up to the people of this area in Mid Argyll to make sure the right decisions are made regarding this ongoing problem, please make your views known. The link to Transport for Scotland consultation pack - questionaire and maps of routes is HERE

Lochgair and surrounding villages - activities and exhibitions


Welcome to Lochgair Lockdown Activities (see flyer on the calendar page)  This project aims to keep us active and engaged over the Autumn and Winter months, during the current restrictions on our social lives.  It is about encouraging everyone in the village to be creative….which we all are in our different ways, whether it’s in the photos we take, the stories and jokes we share, the things we make, what we enjoy doing whatever our age.  

Each three weeks or so we’ll have a different theme.   This Month’s Theme is WOOD, or anything related to wood such as trees/branches/leaves, objects made out of wood or wood inspired etc.

We will set up a mini-exhibition inLochgair Hall. to share what we’ve done, to find out what others have done, or to get ideas,  This will be safely set up according to the restrictions in place and to ensure everyone’s health is safeguarded. 

The first mini exhibition will be on:

the afternoon of Tuesday 27th October


So let’s get creative...a song, a poem, a photo, a sketch, a display of leaves, a  textile print, patchwork, knitting, a recording of trees in a storm, hand carved spoons….Maybe someone will bake and decorate a chocolate log cake for us to sample….The list is endless


Let's make this a whole villages project for all ages including folk from Kames, Minard and Port Ann.


If you would like help or advice you can text/phone Maggie Murray on: 07990941022



Marion Lacey, on behalf of The Lochgair Association (SCIO)


A83 Strategic Review

Public Consultation . The project work will build on work already undertaken as part of the Strategic Transport Projects Review and start with design and assessment work on eleven corridor options. Those options are also available on Transport Scotland website and we are particularly seeking feedback on local constraints and issues that you feel we should consider as part of that initial assessment work. The deadline for any comments is Friday 30 October 2020. The link is HERE

Protect Scotland App

As a result of information received from communities, our members and key partners the following advice has been circulated

NHS Scotland have launched a new test and protect mobile phone app, "designed to help us protect each other, reduce the spread of coronavirus and avoid further lockdowns". The app will alert you if you have been in close contact with another app user who tests positive for coronavirus and can help in determining contacts that you may have.

If you are contacted by NHS (test and protect) it will be by phone on a single national telephone number 0800 030 8012

Be aware that scammers are now exploiting this to commit fraud by contacting the general public advising them that they have been in near contact with someone who has tested positive with Coronavirus and as such you must get a test and self- isolate.
Scammer’s are thereafter asking for payments for booking tests / sending out testing kits by post / courier etc.

NHS Scotland Contact Tracers will:
in some cases, send a text to let you know that you will be receiving a call from NHS Scotland  (if mobile is available)
call from a single, national telephone number - 0800 030 8012
always introduce themselves, tell you why they are contacting you and address you by your name
give you the option to call back the above number to provide reassurance that the service is legitimate
Be aware that phone numbers can be spoofed. Consider phoning back using a different phone from the one your received the call. Call will be received on mobile, if concerned phone back on landline

Contact Tracers will never ask you:
for information other than your movements and the people you have been physically close to
to phone a premium rate number
to make a purchase, payment or donation
for your medical history unrelated to coronavirus
for your bank details
for your social media identities or login details, or those of your contacts
for your passwords or PIN numbers, or to set up any
for control of your computer, smartphone or tablet, or to download anything
to visit a website that does not belong to NHS Scotland or the Scottish Government

For further information please go to https://www.nhsinform.scot/campaigns/test-and-protect

Anyone with information can contact Police Scotland on 101, Advice Scotland on 0808 164 6000 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Please circulate to family, neighbours, friends and colleagues






  • Tuesday 1 September 2020         Register in force 
  • Tuesday 8 September 2020         Publication of Notice of Election
  • Wednesday 9 September 2020    Opening of Nominations
  • Thursday 24 September 2020      Close of Nominations and withdrawal of    (4pm)                                            Nomination Paper (if any)
  • Thursday 1 October 2020             Notice of Poll (if election contested)
  • Notice of Uncontested Election (if election uncontested)
  • Thursday 15 October 2020           Issue of Postal Ballot Papers
  • Thursday 5 November 2020         Election Day
  • Final Date for Receipt of Postal Ballot Papers (4.00pm)
  • Monday 9 November 2020            Count of Votes (10.30am Kilmory)

Inveraray - Crossaig Electricity Line Construction update.

To date 23 bases have been completed and work ongoing on seventeen others. Construction has started on the erection of the towers and helicopter trials to complete the erection of the towers is due to start later this month. 

Argyll and Bute Council Helpline

The helpline number will be operated during normal business hours  and is 0546 605524. 

Queries that will be addressed include Financial, Business, Health, Education, Registration and Social & Homecare Needs.


Individuals can also use the helpline to volunteer. 

For more information please see - https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/news/2020/mar/coronavirus-caring-people-helpline


To supplement the phone number there are also webforms allowing individuals to volunteer and to log their Social and Homecare needs 24/7.

WLFCC AGM and meeting due to take place 27th April 2020 has been cancelled due to the current situation.

If anyone has any concerns or are in need of any assistance with council matters please feel free to contact me at any time. These are very difficult times and everyone is doing their very best to keep all of us informed. 

You can get in touch with me on 
01546 886 339 or

Yours Fred Bruce
Stay safe.

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland – COVID-19
Neighbourhood Watch Scotland members and communities have been responding positively to the coronavirus COVID-19 situation and making a real impact within their local communities. The Neighbourhood Watch Scotland Team has been hearing many good stories of support as well as requests for support and guidance.  This is challenging times for us all - health, safety and wellbeing must be our top priorities and at the heart of every decision we make. We must all do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and must follow the guidance and best practices from the NHS and Government. The most important actions we can all take is to do everything we can to avoid becoming ill and placing further pressure on the NHS and other emergency services.
For all current advice on COVID-19 see the following

For information on helping in your community go to link:

 Please Remember
Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds and do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.
Do not purchase more food and provisions than you need
We are also concerned about scams and fraud that may arise as people take advantage of the crisis and will continue to gather insights into coronavirus COVID-19 scams and crimes.  Advice and guidance is continually being updated and we will do our best to keep you informed. The following link from Trading Standards Scotland contains good, relevant and updated information:


Please share the above information as required

Best Wishes and Stay Safe

Microgrants Poster Deadline 16 November 2019
Please download the poster for more information on the next round of micro-grants
Micro-Grants Poster 16-11-19.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [193.6 KB]


 Argyll and Bute council will no longer be sending calendars to residents for the uplift of waste and rubbish. 


There is a new bin day calendar - one for the end of 2019 and one for 2020, it can be downloaded from Argyll and Bute Council website the link is HERE. Enter your post code and select the relevant year to download a PDF document.


If you have a neighbour or friend who does not have access to the internet would you be kind enough to make them a copy. 


Redevelopment Open Day on Saturday 11th May (please seen the poster below).

Below is a link to the simple survey, please click trhough to complete the survey to help out!


Minard Village Hall - Forestry Drop In Event
2-6 pm Wednesday 20th February. Please open the document for more information.
Kilmichael Dropin A4 Flyer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

Minard Primary School News:

As some of you may know the primary school in Minard is closed due to staff shortages. It was initially thought it would only be closed for a short period of time but after discussion with the education department of A'B council it would appear that this vacancy is not going to be readvertised until March 2019 a time when all local authorities make vacancies known to try and tempt newly qualified teachers to this area.


This means that if an applicant is successful they would not take up this post until August 2019. At this time the education department claim they have no plans to close the school but with the three pupils clerical assistant and domestic assistant all moving to Furnace primary it does not appear that we would have a strong case for fighting to retain the school.


The education dept have agreed to keep in contact with me and I will ensure that the people of Minard are kept up to date with what is happening. FRED BRUCE


Today when we came home there was a message on the answer phone saying that we had a Law Suit raised against us by HMRC, The lady was very insistent and convincing.


However she was talking to the wrong people and I would just like to warn you against these types of calls.


HMRC would never phone you and would almost certainly have to serve you with some kind of paperwork. If you could warn any elderly or vulnerable people in your area it would be appreciated. 

Keyless Cars – Relay Theft Warning


Following recent concerns raised by one of our NW co-ordinators we thought it appropriate to circulate the following information / advice.

Keyless Theft or Relay Theft continues to be a growing issue. In fact vehicle security experts estimate 68 per cent of stolen cars are now taken after being "electronically compromised".

What is keyless theft?

The process criminals use to steal a car via keyless theft – also known as relay theft – is relatively simple. They use a relay amplifier and a relay transmitter, identify a house with a targeted car parked outside and, by using these gadgets, can detect whether the car features keyless entry. If the car key is close enough the amplifier will detect its signal, amplify it and send it to the transmitter.

This transmitter then effectively becomes the key, and tricks the car into thinking the real key is nearby, whereupon the thieves are able to open the car, get in and drive away. The whole process can take as little as 60 seconds and can be completed in near silence.

How to avoid keyless theft – top tips

Keyless theft sounds almost like the perfect crime – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to stop it from happening to you.

Don’t forget the basics

Ensure your car is properly locked, parked in a well lit area, and keep keys far away from doors and windows. This will minimize the chances a criminal will be able to find and amplify the key’s signal and is general good practice. Owners can keep their car keys in a metal tin to block signals.

Can you switch off your key?

Investigate whether it’s possible to switch your key’s signal off, as some offer this function – though it’s not always obvious, requiring a double button press or a combination of pushes on the key. Check your manual or speak to your vehicle dealer to find out if your key has this function.

Physical barriers

You could also purchase an aftermarket security device such as a Thatcham approved steering wheel lock, a driveway parking post, or even a wheel clamp. Even if the thieves are able to access and start your car, these should prevent them from driving away – and many criminals will consider bypassing these.

Signal-blocking pouches

Consider purchasing a signal blocker pouch / wallet to keep your car key in. These pouches contain signal-blocking materials that stop your key transmitting its code, preventing criminals from being able to detect and amplify the signal. There are numerous types now on the market. (owners should, test whether a pouch they’ve purchased works by putting the key in it and ensuring the car doesn’t unlock when they stand next to it.)

Further Advice

Other steps you can take to keep your car safe include checking if there are any software updates for the car itself, remaining vigilant for unusual activity in your area and having an aftermarket immobiliser or tracker fitted. Carmakers themselves are working on countermeasures to combat the issue of keyless theft, with new frequency technologies, software and keys among the developments taking place. If in any doubt please contact your vehicle dealer.


Unfortunately there were no viable options forthcoming to keep the shop/post office open. There will be a solution for limited post office services.


Mike has been in touch to say that the planned date for closing the shop is now 13 April.


This will allow enough time for the new arrangement with the post office to be set up.

More details to follow, once we have them.


You can read about the history of the shop, the survey results and find links to provide comments to Minard Community Trust directly HERE


Please see the attached document for the minutes of the last Community Council meeting.
WLFCC minutes January 2018 Minard.docx
Microsoft Word document [9.5 KB]

Lochgilphead Medical Practice Appointment System


Concerns have been raised from various communities in the mid Argyll area, regarding the new system of making appointments with the medical practice in Lochgiphead. 

If you are having any interaction with the practice, whether good or bad I would be obliged if you could contact me with your experience.


The Mid Argyll Partnership have agreed to monitor and collate all information in order that we can build up a picture of what is happening with the practice.


In connection with this a survey has been sent out from NHS Scotland and I would encourage all residents who received this survey to fill it in.



Fred Bruce

01546 886 339

NEW CALL: WLFCC still has funds available from the A’Chruach Wind Farm Community Fund for distribution in the form of micro-grants of up to £250 to individuals and £500 to groups.Please download the poster for more details. DEADLINE 30th November 2017.
Micro-Grants Poster 30-09-17.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [759.8 KB]


To all of you who participated in the Macmillan Coffee Morning event in Minard last Saturday.


Volunteers, donors, bakers, bargain hunters and those that just came along for the tasty treats and a sit down with friends; we couldnt have achieved this without you!


We raised an impressive £441.64, topping last years £416.


Minutes of July WLFCC Meeting
WLFCC minutes July 2017 Minard.docx
Microsoft Word document [10.6 KB]

Minard to Crarae Footpath!

Watch this space - Transport Scotland have suddenly announced they are now actively considering our request to extend the footpath from Minard to Crarae  The Convener, Fred Bruce, has spoken with Cumlodden estate and they are quite willing to enter into talks with Transport Scotland. Fingers crossed..........

Please download the poster for 'Minard' A compendium of a Lochfyneside community 1933 - 1952
This fascinating book can be purchased in Minard and Furnace shops, Argyll book center, Kilmartin museum and The Tree Shop garden centre for £8 following the 'launch' on 6th July at Nettas Coffee Morning in Minard Village Hall. See the noticeboard for more details!
MINARD final Flyer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]


The Queens Birthday Honours List!

The long-serving editor of Life and Work’s Gaelic Supplement, the Rev Dr Roddy MacLeod, has been made an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

The 76-year-old said he was ‘surprised and flattered’ to be informed of the honour, which is for services to Gaelic and the community.

Dr MacLeod has edited Na Duilleagan Gàidhlig since 1980, only the fifth man to have done so since it was founded in January 1880.

He said: “I think the supplement’s been very important over the years, and it still is.

“People use it, not just to read but it’s used in Gaelic classes.

“It still has an important role to play.”

A native of North Uist, Dr MacLeod began his ministry on the island of Bernera.

He moved to Cumlodden, Lochfyneside and Lochgair in Argyll and Bute, where he stayed until retirement in 2011.

Lynne McNeil, editor of Life and Work, said: “I am delighted to hear of the recognition for Roddy's unstinting contribution and commitment to the Gaelic language through his long-standing and fruitful work with the Gaelic Supplement of Life and Work.

“It is an honour that is richly deserved and demonstrates the respect and esteem in which he is held by Scottish Gaels."



Need help insulating your home - there is a new grant funded scheme for certain properties
Argyll and Bute Council insulation scheme called the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland: Area Based Scheme (HEEPS: ABS) – which utilises Scottish Government funding to install insulation measures such as:

• Internal Wall Insulation
• External Wall Insulation
• Cavity Wall Insulation
• Loft Insulation
• Underfloor Insulation

The scheme is eligible for owner occupiers and private rented properties in Council Tax Band A-C (and D with an income of less than £20,000) – and is open throughout Argyll and Bute. Entry to the scheme is through Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282. The scheme can offer grants of up to £6,500 for flats, £7,000 for terraced properties and £7,500 for detached/semi-detached properties.
HEEPS 1718 POSTER 1.14 FINAL v1.2 - pdf.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [580.9 KB]
Lochgilphead Medical Practice - CHANGE IN PROCEDURE
From the 29th May 2017 there is a change to the way you arrange GP appointments at Lochgilphead Medical Practice.
Three simple steps:
1 Phone the surgery on the usual number 01546 462001
2 The doctor will call you back You can ask them to call at a time to suit you
3 You are always seen if needed - when? There is no need to book in advance.
The doctors will discuss your problem and agree what to do. You may only need advice or prescription, or you may need to see your doctor or nurse. If needed the doctor will offer you an appointment the same day or a later day if you prefer.

Please download the press release for more details.
Adobe Acrobat document [72.0 KB]

Minard Community Trust Survey - Post Office and Shop in Minard


Please take part in the survey to help the Trust (who own the shop) to plan fo rthe future. You can access the survey HERE Minard Community Trust Questionnaire Survey

A'Cruach Community Micro Grants have been paid into WLFCC's bank account.

Application forms will soon be available from the shop in Minard and Fred Bruce at Waterford Lochgair to groups and persons who are eligible to seek funding from this grant.


Completed application forms have to be returned to the treasurer Jan Williams by the 5th May 2017 The decisions for granting such applications will be heard at our next CC meeting on the 15th May 2017 in Lochgair.

Mid Argyll Health Forum

At the meeting on the 14th February it was announced that the  health board are proposing to cut £22million from Argyll and Bute's health budget over the next two years. They propose to cut £16.5 million from this years budget and £5.5 million from next years budget.


They claim that no hospitals will be closed but there does not appear to be any hard and fast plan of where the cuts are going to be made. Due to the strength of feeling amongst those present at the meeting the committee have agreed to have an EGM (extraordinary general meeting) to try to clarify and to word our disgust at the proposed cuts.


If anyone has strong feelings on this issue and wish to comment, please make your views known to either Leonard MacNiel or Sarah Calderwood from Minard or Fred Bruce or May MacGugan from Lochgair.

A'Cruach Community Benefit Fund




Application forms and guidelines are available from;

Fred Bruce, Waterford, Lochgair and the village shop in Minard.


Foundation Scotland - call 1031 524 03300 or email



There are posters out in the community and electronic forms and guidelines are also available on the Foundation Scotland website.

Notice from Action Fraud - Fake Amazon Emails

Action Fraud has received several reports from victims who have been sent convincing looking emails claiming to be from Amazon. The spoofed emails from “service@amazon.co.uk” claim recipients have made an order online and mimic an automatic customer email notification.  
The scam email claims recipients have ordered an expensive vintage chandelier. Other reported examples include: Bose stereos, iPhone’s and luxury watches. 
The emails cleverly state that if recipients haven’t authorised the transaction they can click on the help centre link to receive a full refund. The link leads to an authentic-looking website, which asks victims to confirm their name, address, and bank card information.
Amazon says that suspicious e-mails will often contain:

  • Links to websites that look like Amazon.co.uk, but aren't Amazon.co.uk.
  • Attachments or prompts to install software on your computer.
  • Typos or grammatical errors.
  • Forged (or spoofed) e-mail addresses to make it look like the e-mail is coming from Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon will never ask for personal information to be supplied by e-mail.
You can read more about identifying suspicious emails claiming to be from Amazon by visiting https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201489210
To report a fraud or cyber crime, call us on 0300 123 2040.

Minard area seniors enjoying their annual Christmas Dinner in Minard Village Hall.

Minard Village Shop and Post Office Opening Hours 2017

22 November 2016 Press Release


A’Chruach Community Wind Farm distributes £61,000 to local organisations


Seven community organisations are celebrating receiving a grant from the newly established A’Chruach Community Wind Farm. In total £61,000 has been awarded in the first round including two organisations receiving awards for strategic projects that will benefit from funding over two and three years.


The fund was established to support community-led activity that is strategic, positive and creative and improves the communities of West Loch Fyne, Dunadd and Lochgilphead.


Lochgair Association received £12,500 to repair and widen the footbridge over Eas Dubh burn to make it wheelchair accessible.  In fact improving local assets and services of all kinds was a common theme. Blarbuie Woodland Enterprises received £14,000 to contribute to the salary of a part time development worker who will promote Blarbuie’s services and facilities and help make it a thriving and sustainable woodland. 


Kilmartin Museum received £5,000 to engage the community in an excavation project which will explore and celebrate the history of Carnasserie Castle.


Minard Community Trust was awarded £5,000 to refurbish the local shop which they currently own, in the hope that it will be an attractive proposition to any successive shop keeper and help keep this critical community service.


Other groups to benefit included Befrienders, Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation and Heads Up.


Decisions were made by the Panel of local representatives from the benefiting communities of Dunadd, West Loch Fyne and Lochgilphead. One Panel member said,

“We were pleased to see a diverse range of applications from across the three communities that will benefit all age groups and abilities.” Another added, “We hope the enthusiasm continues for the next round of applications.”


A spokesperson for Infinis Wind Farm Ltd the owner of the Wind Farm added, “This first round of applications demonstrated very convincingly that there will be a pipeline of strong projects for the A’Chruach fund to help deliver the three community plans that local people generously contributed to during the latter part of 2015/early 2016.  Foundation Scotland is looking forward to receiving applications to the second round.”


There will be some modest changes to the application and guidance material which will be available from 1 December online at www.foundationscotland.org.uk/achruach where you can also find out more about the Fund.




For further information please contact Jan Torrance or Jacqui Morris, Foundation Scotland Tel: 0141 341 4960

To find out more about the interim move of in-patient mental health services from Argyll and Bute Hospital in Lochgilphead to Mid-Argyll Community Hospital, Lochgilphead join one of the drop in events. The nearest one is in Lochgilphead, Parish Church Hall - Friday 16th December, 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Mental Health Drop In Event.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [88.8 KB]
Argyll Talking Newspapers
This free service provides recorded material to the blind, visually impaired or those under some temporary or permanent incapacity or disability which makes reading a strain. This allows listeners to catch up with the latest news from the local newspapers. The papers currently recorded are The Dunoon Observer and The Buteman, The Oban Times, Campbeltown Courier and Argyllshire Advertiser and The Ileach. More information can be found be clicking on the attachments. Please share this information if you know someone who might benefit from the service. More information and contact info can be found in the attachments and their website www.argylltalkingnewspapers.org.uk
Microsoft Word document [16.9 KB]
ATN handout 2.doc
Microsoft Word document [32.0 KB]

The Macmillan coffee morning on Saturday the 1st October was very well supported by the entire west Loch Fyne community. Young and young at heart gathered for the scrumptious cakes and sweet treats, caught up with friends over a cuppa, took part in the raffle and browsed the beautiful crafts and ''trash and treasure' stalls. In total we made £406.19 for the charity. There are still 9 raffle prizes to be collected so if you have tickets numbered 27, 25, 42, 60, 61, 90, 280, 341 or 351 please contact Jan Burgess on 01546 886 609.


Thanks again to Jan, our star bakers, the myriad of helpers who made the hall look so splendid and tidied everything away! And of course our stall holders and those that made donations.

Major Road Works A83 at Strone Point
A83 trunk road at Strone Point, approximately 2.5 miles east of Inveraray late November 2016, lasting for 24 weeks, inclusive of the 2 week holiday period over Christmas and New Year. The works will predominantly take place between the hours of 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday, however, it is likely that short term works outwith these hours will be required. This will ensure that the overall disruption to road users is kept to the absolute minimum.

The majority of works will be carried out under temporary traffic signal control of a single lane closure. Approximately 5 overnight road closures will be required to complete the carriageway tie-ins at each end of the scheme. It is likely that any overnight closures will be towards the end of the 24 week period
Signed Consultation Letter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [69.1 KB]
General Arrangements A83 Strone Point
13NW0901052C001 - General Arrangement - [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [183.1 KB]
Location Plan A83 Strone Point
13NW0901052C002 - Location Plan - A83 St[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [435.2 KB]

West Loch Fyne Community Council VACANCIES

We currently have two vacancies for residents of the Minard area.

Two nomination packs for applicants are available from Fred Bruce, Convener (please use the contact form if you are interested) and others can be obtained from Argyll and Bute Council local customer service points.

Nominations have to be in by Thursday 6th October for the by-election which takes place on the 10th of November 2016.

Please can anyone interested get in touch with the local council or the Convener as soon as possible.

Fred Bruce, Convener.

A'Chruach Windfarm Funds Are Now Available - Calling For Action!

Next Round Deadline, 1st March 2017

Posters have now been put in place in Lochgair and Minard detailing where people can apply for funding from our wind farm.


There will be two funding rounds per 'financial' year. Decisions are expected in October 2016 for the first round of applications.  The second round deadlines is 1st March 2017 with a decision in May 2017.


Infinis and Foundation Scotland anticipate that most people will apply on line but a few hard copies are available from the shop at Minard or Fred Bruce at Waterford, Lochgair.


Links to the forms can be found by clicking  HERE . There are different forms for the category of grant (small (£500-£5,000), medium (£5,001 - £25,000) and large (£25,000+)). You will also find links to the 'guidelines' for completion of each type of form, please read these carefully before applying, a quality, accurate application will facilitate the approval process.  The forms can either be completed online or downloaded from the website and sent in.


An automated telephone scam is doing the rounds, a recorded voice saying "The HMRC have taken a writ out against you at court, to contact the case officer please return the call".  Do NOT return this call, it is a scam and you will have excessive telephone charges.

LOCHGAIR ROADWORKS/CLOSURE UPDATED DATES AND TIMES: Roadworks through the village of Lochgair will now commence on Sunday 30th October 2016 and last for approximately 2 weeks. Each evening between 8 pm and 7am (apart from Friday and Saturday nights) the A83 will be closed through Lochgair. As there is no suitable diversion, traffic will be allowed to 'stack' and a convoy system will be operated approximately every hour or when deemed safe to do so. Please review the letter for more information.
A83 Lochgair Consultation Update - 16NW0[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [54.1 KB]
Location Plan A83 Lochgair.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [785.9 KB]

Nominations for Community Council

Argyll and Bute Council have intimated that they propose to hold by-elections to fill any vacancies that the community council have later this year.


We currently have two vacancies for the Minard area of our Comunity Council and the council seriously encourages people of this area, particularly younger members of the community, to consider filling the vacancies that we have.

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland - Holiday Booking Fraud

Message sent by

Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

With summer holidays fast approaching, individuals are often more exposed to travel booking frauds when looking for last minute package deals / cheap flights. Whether paying upfront for a family holiday or simply booking a flight, payments are transferred only to discover that the holiday / airline ticket does not exist and was sold to you by a bogus travel company. Fraudsters will often lure in potential customers with low prices and ‘one time only’ offers that are simply too good to pass up, requesting payment by the preferred method of direct bank transfer.
Paying for a holiday / airline tickets / accommodation via direct bank transfer. No reputable company will ever request payment via this method.
Responding to unsolicited calls, texts or emails offering holidays at incredibly low prices.
Protect Yourself

  • Whenever possible, pay for your holiday by credit card as it offers increased protection.
  • Always remember to look for the ‘https’ and locked padlock icon in the address bar before entering your payment details.
  • Never feel pressured to make a booking for fear that you will miss out on this ‘low price’ opportunity. If you have never used the company before, take your time to do some online research to ensure they are reputable.
  • Should you make a flight or hotel booking through a travel company, feel free to separately check with the hotel / particular airline that your booking does indeed exist.

If you have been affected by this, or any other scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk

Community Action Plan Update


The summary of the community action plan should have been delivered to every household in the WLFCC area. If anyone did not get one or would like extras they can be obtained from Quarry Point cafe, the shop at Minard, Leonard McNeill at Minard or Fred Bruce at Lochgair.


With regard to funds becoming available from the A'Chruach windfarm, it is anticipated that  application forms will be available to the appropriate organizations within the next three weeks. As soon as they are available this web site will be updated and notices will be put on the village notice boards.

Here is a link to the Local Government Boundary Commission, which relates to their response to most recent consultation.

You will see that:

  1. Ardrishaig and Lochgilphead are to be split
  2. Achnamara, Tayvallich and Crinan are to be included as part of the North    Kintyre and Islay ward.
  3. Mid Argyll will extend up to Kilninver and across to (just short of .. ) Dalmally and include the Atlantic islands of Easdale, Seil and Luing.
Details of recent scams from Neighbourhood Watch Scotland
Action Fraud Notice from Neighbourhood W[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [165.2 KB]

Sent on behalf of Police Scotland

Police Scotland consults with the public every year on what their priorities are for policing in their community.

In the past this has always been by hard copy consultation questionnaires which were distributed by police officers within the community they work.

This year Police Scotland's consultation process is widening and becoming more flexible. The consultation process is moving online to a digital format and consultation will be open all year.

Your View Counts

The public consultation is for you to tell us what is important to you in your community. Your opinion is valued – we need your opinion to inform our policing. Having your say in the decision making process of Police Scotland is a vital tool for residents of Scotland to be able to shape the way their public services should operate.

Everyone's views across Scotland will be taken on board at a national and local level. We want you to help us focus on the priorities that will help communities most. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to local policing and all the needs and wants of individual communities will be considered.

This is the first time Police Scotland’s public consultation is being hosted on a digital platform. This allows us to reach a much wider audience than ever before ensuring that everyone can have their say.

The online consultation is open all year which allows you to take part when it suits you but also gives the flexibility of being able to re-submit the consultation if your priorities change.

It's a very simple process that should only take a few moments of your time but will shape the way that policing is coordinated across Scotland and in your local community.

You can take the survey here



Please note there was a break in at a house in Lochgair a while back -  make sure that you leave your property secure and if you see anything suspicious please call the police on 101.


It seems a number of individuals have been arrested for a number of related break-ins in the area, but do remain vigilant.

Community Action Plan

A big thank you!

Thank you to everybody who attended another 'full house' meeting on Saturday 12th March at Lochgair Church/Village Hall.


At the meeting Community Enterprise provided a very clear overview of the research findings and the themes that have been identified.


We all had the opportunity to vote (smiley stickers will never be the same again) on how we thought the themes should be prioritised.  Community Enterprise are now collating the information and our feedback and over the next few weeks will update the draft community action plan and provide it to West Loch Fyne Community Council.


We will keep you informed with progress!


Rural Watch

WLFCC have signed up to Police Scotlands Rural Watch scheme, this scheme replaces the old neighbourhood watch which used to be in this area. Our representatives are Steve Thomson  for Minard area and Fred Bruce for Lochgair area It is hoped the new signs indicating we are in the Rural Watch scheme will be in place soon. Police Scotland intend to keep us updated on any crime issues which may affect us and this will be added to the website as soon as we get them.

These are the revenue budget proposals from Argyll and Bute Council following the public consultation and recent budget exercises.
Revenue Budget Pack 2016-7.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.7 MB]

Community In Action!

The A'Chruach Community Fund Meeting for the West Loch Fyne Area was extremely well attended.  A big thank you to everyone for such a successful, community-spirited event.  The 'workshop' approach engaged all the community participants - each table had a chance to write down their ideas and thoughts. The hall was buzzing with ideas and discussions.


Thank you to Community Enterprise for the presentation and facilitation skills. The team have a lot of paperwork and some excellent ideas to review for our Community Action Plan!


Thanks are also due to the catering crew and the ladies who provided the delicious home baking.


The amazing sum of £175 was raised for the chosen charity: Alzheimers Scotland.


Community Action Plan



Infinis’ A’Chruach wind farm is currently under construction. The projected date for commissioning is Dec 2015 so the Community Fund should be up and running one year later.


West Loch Fyne Community Council is working with Foundation Scotland to set up administration for the fund which will provide an estimated annual payment of up to £150,000 into the benefit area which includes West Loch Fyne, Lochgilphead and Dunadd.


Three people have been appointed to represent our area on the panel which will administer the fund. Fred Bruce, Sarah Calderwood and Janice Williams will be trained for their new roles in the New Year.


In the meantime the three Community Councils in the benefit area will produce a detailed Community Action Plan which will guide future developments and spending priorities.


The first steps of obtaining your views have been taken with the well attended 'workshop' Community Brunch on the 16th January, the process was augmented by the survey which was offered in both paper and on-line formats. The deadline for the survey was the 23rd January 2016.


Thank you to all who took the time to complete the survey and to attend the meeting, your contributions are invaluable. The consultants are now working with the output from the workshop and the survey to prepare the outline for the key areas of focus of the community plan - reflecting your views. We will keep you updated with progress!

Local Speed Limits: Furnace to Minard
Following the overwhelming survey response from local residents, the chair of Furnace Community Council, Mike Masters wrote to Michael Russel, MSP. The letter can be accessed by downloading the file here and the detailed o the survey can be found below. We will keep you informed.
Adobe Acrobat document [29.8 KB]
The results of the recent survey for the speed limit from Furnace to Minard.
Survey Results - A83 Speed Limit.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [284.6 KB]

Local Speed Limits - Furnace - Alit Na Ceardaich and on to Minard.

Transport Scotland propose to reduce the speed limit from the end of the current 40 mph zone in Furnace as far as Alit na Ceardaich to 50 mph from the current 60mph.

Furnace Community. Council believes that this is not sufficient to ensure the safety of users of the footpath and have been campaigning for a 40 mph limit.

Following a public meeting in Furnace Hall on 12th November, there was a unanimous vote to change the existing limit in the village from 40 mph to 30 mph and that the whole section between Furnace and Minard be reduced to 40 mph, as requested by West Lochfyneside Community. Council.

If you agree that the limit on any part of this road is too high and reducing a small section to 50 mph is not good enough then please sign our petition but also write to our -MSP Michael Russell and tell him.-The more letters or emails he receives the greater the pressure on him to act.

Write now to: -

Michael Russell M5P

The Scottish Parliament

Edinburgh Eh99 iSP

Or email Michael.RusselLmsp@scottish.parliament.uk

Next Community Council  meeting:

3rd September 2024 in Minard VIllage Hall at 19:00. Please check the Community Council Meetings page for more information. 





Or use our contact form.

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